Choosing the Right Program

At Nutrition for Daily Life, we understand that not everyone wants the same kind, structure, or intensity of support.  Your goals and challenges are distinct to you.  That's why we are proud to offer a variety of services to meet each individual's specific needs and desires, ranging from One-Time Assessments and Nutritional Mini-Series to Ongoing and Continued Support Programs.

Consultations are typically conducted via videochat services (Skype, FaceTime, Google Hangouts, etc.), so you can speak with your counselor in the comfort of your own home (or office, or anywhere else).  Alternative arrangements may be available if necessary.

Services Available

To help you choose the program that's right for you, consider the following questions:

  1.    How much do I already know about basic nutrition – components of food, nutrient or calorie
          recommendations appropriate to me, how to read & interpret a food label, etc.?
a.    Very little, almost nothing
b.    Not much, but I can kind of read a food label
c.    Pretty good idea of the basics, could use more info
d.    Already received formal nutrition education in the past
2.   Previously, how well have I succeeded at trying to make changes to my eating and/or lifestyle habits on my
a.    Miserably; can’t stick to anything for more than a few days, or I’ve tried a thousand times without any
         lasting success
b.    I do okay for a little while, then get bored or overwhelmed and give up
c.    I’m pretty good at sticking to changes, but need a boost every once in a while
d.    All I need to know is “what to do” and I don’t look back
3.   What is my current weight and/or health status?
a.    Underweight, very overweight, or obese, WITH diagnosed lifestyle-related health conditions
         (e.g. diabetes, hypertension/hypotension, cardiac disease, kidney/liver disease, etc.)
b.    Underweight, very overweight, or obese, WITHOUT any diagnosed health conditions
c.    Somewhat out of weight range (over- or underweight), with some warning signs of health
        conditions (high/low blood pressure, high/low blood sugar, high cholesterol, etc.)
d.    Pretty healthy – at or near “normal” weight, without current health conditions or warning signs


If you answered...

Mostly Ds – consider a One-Time Assessment to give you a snapshot of how you’re doing and areas where you can improve.  The rest is up to you.

Mostly Cs – consider a Nutritional Mini-Series to point you in the right direction, give you feedback as you make initial changes, and answer some follow-up questions.  After a month, you’re on your own.

Mostly As and Bs – we strongly recommend our Ongoing Support (new clients) or Continued Support Programs (existing clients only).


(2 sessions, 1 week apart - up to 2.5hrs total)

Introductory consulting session, followed by a review of your personalized Nutritional Assessment report containing a detailed nutritional analysis of your 3-day food record, with specific recommendations for areas of improvement based on individual goals.

Ideal for those who already possess some nutrition knowledge, have been successful at making changes in the past on their own, and are reasonably healthy. (Mostly Ds)

Price: $259. To include a personalized daily meal plan recommendation: Add $40.

(4 weekly sessions - up to 4.5hrs total)

Introduction and Nutritional Assessment with recommendations (see One-Time Assessment), plus two additional follow-up sessions to address progress, answer questions, review recipes, etc.

Ideal for those who are fairly healthy with some existing health risks, who already possess some nutrition knowledge but may have additional questions, or need a little extra support in getting started. (Mostly Cs)

Price: $439. To include a personalized daily meal plan recommendation: Add $40.

(8 weekly sessions - up to 8.5 hrs total)

Introduction, Nutritional Assessment with recommendations (see One-Time Assessment), plus 6 additional follow-up sessions for ongoing emotional, cognitive, educational, and motivational support.  Personalized daily meal plan included.

During the ongoing sessions, clients are able to address weekly triumphs and challenges, problem-solve for upcoming events and debrief afterwords, and experiment with variations in their diet and exercise patterns.

Ideal for new clients with significant weight and/or health problems, who have little or no nutritional knowledge, and/or have difficulty making and sustaining lifestyle changes on their own.      (Mostly As and Bs)

Price: $699 - Includes $100 off Nutritional Assessment!

(Existing Clients Only: 4 - 16 weekly sessions, repeatable)

Additional supportive sessions for clients who have already received their Nutritional Assessment and personalized daily meal plan.

In continued support, clients continue to gain knowledge and skills to progress toward their goals, and are supported during periods of struggle or relapse.  Emphasis is also placed on   internalizing newly developing health-related beliefs, attitudes, and skills for long term success and sustained behavior change.


4 weeks: $360
8 weeks: $640 (save 10%)
16 weeks: $1200 (save 15%)

Payment Options:  Payment is currently accepted via PayPal, check or cash.  Sorry, we cannot accept credit or debit cards at this time.

Scholarships and payment plans may be available in certain circumstances for those under financial hardship.